The Ophidian Horde


As the survivors of The Last War brace themselves for the collapse of civilization and a wildly uncertain future, they have no choice but to put their faith in a young stranger with a bold agenda. Indigo (The Zero Hour) is an eighteen year old with a haunted past, a bruised soul and an irrevocable need to end the menace known as The Ophidian Horde. With multiple injuries in Cincinnati’s party and help from Indigo, this small faction must not only establish a new home base, they’ll have to work hand in hand with Indigo as she wages war on an enemy far too large and ferocious for either of them to handle separately.


Military wife, Lenna Justus, and her two teenage boys, Hagan and Ballard, are hunkered down at home hoping to wait out the apocalypse. Lenna, however, has bigger problems than just food, water and shelter. The thought of surviving an attack of this magnitude without her husband at her side is beyond paralyzing. Her sons are fighters, just like their father, but before they know it, this small but loyal family becomes collateral damage for a cause that makes no sense by an unexpected enemy with weapons beyond even their control.


In this next installment of The Last War series, survival has never been more precarious, and the fact that an EMP counter-strike has turned San Francisco into a post-apocalyptic nightmare isn’t making things easy for anyone. Our two groups are holding their ground though, realizing that surviving in the city can’t just be about finding the resources necessary to live; eventually, in order to protect yourselves and those you love, you have to stand your ground. Welcome to the second installment of this brand new post-apocalyptic adventure series!