The Killing Fields

Think you know the apocalypse? Think again. Get ready for a post-apocalyptic EMP survival series like no other!

If you’re reading this, then it’s already begun. Meet the AI God…

Nicholas Platt walks into an international sales conference unaware that he’s just set foot on ground zero of the impending apocalypse. Forced into a high-octane battle for survival, Nick and three strangers fight to endure the clutches of a multi-layered nightmare, an apocalyptic nightmare too diabolical for even the machines to fathom. From the famed San Diego Conference Center to the waters of the Pacific Ocean to a charming little island in Newport Beach, this edge-of-your-seat, post-apocalyptic thriller pits Indigo’s father, Nick, against not only the machines, but against the twisted eccentricities of man. In the end, The Killing Fields will beg the question: when the world is burning, who will be more ferocious, artificial intelligence or the humans?

The fall of civilization to the machines has never been more real…

The President of the United States realizes he’s caught in the middle of a coup d’état when members of his cabinet and his security detail turn on him. Instead of forces foreign and domestic trying to steal the seat of power, the President learns humans are in league with artificial intelligence in a worldwide takeover involving something called The Silver Queen. For those who wondered how the EMPs came to be, what the AI God is and how the world quickly descended into a post-apocalyptic hot zone, The Killing Fields will answer those questions. Get ready, though, because the scenarios in the fifth installment of this series are ripped straight from today’s tech headlines and they’re currently within reach of the machines.