The Last War

The killing fields are upon us. Welcome to the fight of your life.

San Francisco, 2019. When the famed city by the bay is besieged by an indomitable force hell bent on eviscerating mankind, nearly a million people find themselves caught in a nightmarish landscape where survival is as uncertain as it is improbable. The Last War is a post apocalyptic EMP thriller about an extraordinary family fighting to stay alive in the midst of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post apocalyptic dark age.


Cincinnati is just getting off work when the world around her is sucked into a catastrophe so unrelenting it defies both logic and explanation. Torn from an otherwise virtuous life, pitched into a ravenous, morally bankrupt existence, this wife and mother must devolve into that which she fears most if she ever hopes to find what’s left of her family.


Stanton is having lunch at a quaint, street-side café when explosions in the nearby Transamerica building send shattered glass, plaster and dead bodies raining down onto the busy streets below. In that moment, all he can think of is his family. Determined as he is, if a man as ethically sound as Stanton hopes to survive—much less find his wife and daughter—he’ll have to abandon his civility in favor of the kind of lawlessness a genial man like him could never fathom.


With an unknown enemy cutting a fiery swath through the heart of the city, Macy joins a dozen classmates on her high school roof hoping for a better look. No one can say how or why the tides turned so quickly, but they did. This feisty fifteen year old is suddenly thrust into a hostile environment where surviving means closing the floodgates of fear and despair and moving forward, even as the whole of civilization is left crumbling at your feet.


In the end, one question remains: Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to save those you love most?